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Sales Associate

This position takes a very unique type of personality to fill.  You need to be ambitious, detail oriented, bright, have great people skills, and be somewhat of a charmer.  We here at STW are still moving strong because people who buy from us "Like us and trust us".  We do the right thing when it comes to taking care of our clientel.  We hold hands and make sure everyone is treated as though they are our only customer which gives us an advantage over the competition, where they only seek revenue.  We love what we do and are proud of every product produced at our facilities.  We are careful and caring.  You must be too.  Be ready to work hard for your commission.  In this position, YOU determine how well you succeed.

We are ALWAYS looking for the right young professionals to join our team for a common goal of establishing a family-type atmosphere where businesses, small and large, will count on those of us at STW to place their trust, loyalty, confidence, and hard earned capitol.  Being part of the right team may help an individual establish his/herself as a professional in an always changing and evolving genre of advertising, fun, and creativity.  We need people who are always hungry to learn and change to stay at the top of their game when it comes to the world of digital media and vinyl applications.  At the moment we are hiring for the positions listed below:

The LEADER In Vehicle Wraps