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Boat Wraps, and other assortments of Marine Vehicle Wraps are becoming more and more popular these days.  Wave runner wraps, and other Jet-Ski / Sea-doo type of marine vehicles are being added to the list as well. In this gallery we show you a variation of boats and other water craft we have wrapped over the years.  From a 38 foot Fountain, to Sea-Doo wave runners, we have experience and practice with a variety of boat wraps.

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Color Change Vehicle Wraps are the latest and greatest way to change the color of your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, golf cart, and on, and on, and on...  The cost of a vehicle wrap compared to paint is at times cut in half.  THAT my friends is reason number one to choose a vehicle wrap over paint.  Another reason is the amount of time most of us have a vehicle in our possession.  Do we really keep a car for over a decade anymore?  Having  a wrapped vehicle makes it easy to resell because the paint underneath is preserved.  Vinyl wrap colors available are vast.  There are color flip shades, matte finishes, gloss finishes, candies, pearls, brushed metals, and don't forget... Metallic finishes.  A vehicle wrap will also protect the paint that is underneath.  We have experience with many of the most popular brands of wrap media, and have wrapped almost any vehicle and surface.  We use 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis, Orafol, KPMF, APA, and Vvivid.  We personally recommend and suggest using 3M and Avery from our experiences.  

Here at STW Vehicle Wraps and Graphics we can handle a wide variety of Die-Cut Stickers and decals for businesses who need labels for their equipment, people who have lost someone special and would like memorial decals, and other assorted uses of decals.

What sort of Motorcycle are you into?  Sport Bikes? Harley Davidson's? Scooters?  Well... We have most likely wrapped it before.  Here you will find a variety of Sport Bike Wraps, Harley Wraps, and Even A Scooter Wrap.. No matter what type of motorcycle wrap you want, we can make just about anything come to fruition.

Advertising on a vehicle is one of the best ways for a local business to get noticed.  Spot graphics - as some of us refer to them in the industry are an inexpensive way to get advertising done if you don't want to invest in the cost of a vehicle wrap.  Your business may also need truck lettering to satisfy certain USDOT codes.  In NY we know it's a must.  Here we show you examples of vehicle lettering, spot graphics, fleet graphics and cut vinyl.

In this gallery, we show a wide variety of miscellaneous items wrapped.  Not only can we handle vehicle wraps, but we believe we can wrap anything.  Here you will see motor cycle helmet wraps, tool box wraps, computer wraps, cell phone wraps, bicycle wraps, toilet bowl wraps, and many other things we have wrapped in order to keep our company forever evolving.

Who doesn't like a jacked up custom golf cart or a really cool looking ATV or custom one-off dirt bike?  If you are a fan, then give this link a click and have a look at our golf cart wraps, ATV wraps, Side-By-Side wraps, Polaris Slingshot wraps, and more.


  • Cell Phone Wraps
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Customize your wheels with color accent kits and bring those wheels to life.  We are adding new styles of wheels to our library every day, and installation of wheel skins only takes minutes per wheel.


Custom car and truck graphics.  The most cost effective way to customize a car.  Add stripes and it makes the car or truck look lean and mean.  We manufacture many different types of stripes and graphics packages.  Any thickness of stripe, any side stripe or decal package that you see on Ebay or Amazon can be matched with time and patience.  We make both of those so you will be happy with your choice.



Commercial vehicle wraps started it all.  Before the inexpensive and easy way of changing the color of vehicles with vinyl came to be, advertising using a commercial vehicle wrap started the boom for the advancement and evolution of the vinyl technology we use today to wrap almost anything.  If you own a local business, you need to invest in getting a truck or many trucks wrapped.  The amount of people who will capture your information from the way your vehicle looks is staggering today compared to what it was a decade ago.  Having a business with vehicle wraps will increase the amount of times the phone rings from people in your area.  That I can promise you.  Here in this gallery we feature a variety of vehicles from local businesses of Long Island.  Box truck wraps, transit truck wraps, cargo van wraps, cars wrapped for businesses, pick-up truck wraps, and more.  Having your business vehicle wrap is a must in today's economy.


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Need a vinyl banner? Look no further.  We handle banners ranging in size from 18 inches by 24 inches all the way up to 10 feet by 10 feet or more.  If you need a step and repeat banner for an event, a promotion you may be running, or a banner for a local sports team, STW is here to help.

Wall murals are a fantastic way to add color and life to any space.  Wall murals are simple and effective.  They can transform a room from plain painted walls to scenes of beauty, wonder and fantasy.  Children's rooms, waiting rooms, party or event rooms, ceilings... You name the space, and we will bring it to life!



Signs, signs everywhere there are signs.  Everyone needs a sign.  Job Site Signs, Magnetic Signs, Aluminum Signs, Light Boxes, LED Backlit Signs,  Custom Molded Plastic and Metal signs. Exterior and Interior signs... You name your application, and we can get you what you need.

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