The LEADER In Vehicle Wraps

Why on Earth would we make videos?

Being in business1998 has taught us you need to let loose and have some fun every now and again.  SO... WE DID...  Over the years, the folks at STW have had plenty of fun inside, and outside the walls of the company.  Our foundation of loyal clients, and personable employees have taken us from a simple everyday graphics company, and turned us into a STRONGLY rooted business on Long Island.  In 2019, we expanded into the southeastern US, and opened a second location in Wilmington, North Carolina where the pace is the same for us, but the service is truly a southern hospitality experience. In this section we hope to help you see the business AND personal side of the company that has been going strong since 1998...  STW Graphics, LLC. 

All videos were taken with all parties knowledge of filming as well as have been done strictly for fun and if anyone is offended, it was not our intent, and the usage of music in our videos is not for sale, but for promotion of the artists we love and support and who help us get through every day through their art and words of wisdom, as well as their way to entertain and sooth, motivate, and/or drag out feelings in each and every one of us.